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CopyrightNotice13:07:59Juan PabloUpdate copyright year
SystemInfo11:24:17Juan Pabloshow 75 entries on page view counts
Wiki Syntax11:22:27Juan Pablodocument existing wiki syntaxes and how to provide support for custom ones
DevelopmentEnvironment11:19:08Juan PabloRemove typo + add some formatting
Markdown Support11:10:28Juan PabloRemove outdated documentation
Main11:03:53Juan PabloNote markdown support next to JSPWiki syntax markup
NewIn2.1214:46:05Juan Pablo2.12 release notes page
NewIn2.1114:45:36Juan Pabloremove unneeded trailing }]
Getting Started14:00:51Juan Pablosmall note on JSPWiki's files / directories permissions
CVE-2022-4690715:33:45Juan Pablo