A list of Frequently Asked Questions.

UTF-8 characters are not properly displayed#

You have pages with special characters like é , or other characters that are not part of the Latin-1 code page.
There are a couple of things to check:

  • are your files on disk in the proper encoding (UTF-8), check your Linux LANG environment variable, try the cmd file Mypage.txt
  • is your tomcat (or other container) running with the file.encoding Java System property, it should have value UTF-8, or be absent in which case it derives it's value from the LANG setting
  • are your tomcat connectors properly configured, check <TOMCAT_HOME>/conf/server.xml, your connector elements should have the URIEncoding="UTF-8" attribute.
  • is there anything else between you and JSPWiki that can mess up your UTF-8 chars (webservers, proxies) ?

How do I create a new Page?#

Edit an existing page and add a link to the new Page you want like [MyNewPage] . Or type the name of the new page in the Quick Navigation field, hover over your mouse and click Edit.

How do I delete a Page?#

First, you should be authorized to delete pages, look at your jspwiki.policy. If you are authorized, go to the Info Tab of the page, there you see a "Delete entire page" button. (if you're not authorized, you don't have that button :-) ).

What is the escape character in wiki text?#

That is the tilde (~) , typed here twice to escape itself.

What is the default user and password ?#

There is no such thing. When you first install JSPWiki using Install.jsp, an admin user and an admin group is created for you, the Install.jsp will also generate a random password.
If you have installed it on your own, you should create an Admin group and add your own user account to it.

How do I debug jspwiki?#

In your jspwiki-custom.properties (at the bottom) you can find the log4j configuration that is in use. Or you can find them in the log4j.properties file for your container if you have jspwiki.use.external.logconfig = true in your jspwiki-custom.properties.
These are normal log4j configuration statements, check the log4j site for details.