If you have written a JSPWikiPlugin which you would like to share with the rest of the world, feel free to upload one here, or just put in a link to your own website, or create a new page within this Wiki. Please put a short description here, then make a new WikiPage, and attach your code there.

Make sure to check out the JSPWikiCorePlugins

Note all plugins attached to this Wiki (as well as all text written) must be Apache-licensed. Please add the Apache License header (example) to all attached source files. If you wish to use another license (either open or closed source), just list the plugin below and have it link to a third-party site where the code can be downloaded.

Warning - when downloading any contributed code, be very aware that you are loading from a potentially untrusted source. Check the code before using it.

For more information on how to write your own plugin, please see HowToWriteAPlugin.

With the move of JSPWiki v2.9.x to Apache, also the JSPWiki plugin api changed. This means the contributed plugins prior to v2.9.x. are not compatible with the Apache release of JSPWiki.

Please check out the javadoc for the latest api information.

For other kinds of contributions, please check Getting Involved.

Contributed Plugins prior to v2.9.x#

An (old) list of contributed plugins is listed at http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki/wiki/ContributedPlugins.

Contributed Plugins v2.9.x and later#

Here is a list of contributed plugins, sorted by name:


Basic mathematical plugin allowing simple operations like + - * / . --rveach


This plugin implements additional table markup, to support multi-line table cells to ease the entry of complex table cell content, merging of cells both horizontally or vertically (aka colspan and rowspan), auto-numbering with automatic row numbering, CSS styles for advanced table formatting. --DF


This plugin generates outlines using Roman numeral/letter/number formatting from ordered-list-format text.


I wonder how anyone can manage without this plugin! If you have a collection of photos in a single directory tree of arbitrary depth, this plugin will automatically associate "why not create this page" links with every directory and photo (without consuming any space).

All you have to do is click on one of these virtual links, then simply save the automatically generated page, and that part of your photo collection gets its own wiki page. By adding wiki text to the page, everything becomes indexed and searchable. No more worrying about which year and month you went somewhere or met someone!

I intend to add dynamic generation of thumbnails and prettier rendering of the images, but you can start using it immediately and add your own searchable text to your collection bit by bit. Future versions will be backward compatible. --BB


A very simple plugin based on the Image plugin that shows a graphical progress bar, reflecting a given percentage number. Useful for project management wiki pages. -- NascifAbousalhNeto


A tree plugin


A very simple page hit count plugin --DV


This plugin pulls in a comic strip from GoComics --DV


This plugin allows you to view an image gallery, from your attachments or the web --DV


This plugin allows you embed YouTube and Vimeo videos into you JSPWiki --DV


This plugin allows you embed Jira search results into you JSPWiki --DV


Run a SELECT SQL query on database values and display the results as a table. --DV


This plugin gives you a list of plugins, filters and editors installed in your JSPWiki instance. --DV


Create a panel on the page with a header and footer, and customised CSS. --DV


Reads an Excel worksheet, stored as an attachment, and presents its content as a Table. -- CF