The Ne Wiki Plugins are a set of JSPWiki plugins by Murray Altheim, some new, some reformations of earlier plugins, such as the Ceryle Wiki Plugins or Neocortext Plugins written in the early 2000s. Some of the newer plugins are part of a larger project named 'Ne' (defined below).

This project aims to bring these plugins out of the wilderness and into the package where they belong.

Usage of plugins having a security or performance risk can be restricted via RestrictedWikiPlugin.

Meaning of 'ne'#

Ne is an extremely common word in Japanese conversation and doesn't have a strict definition (though it's sometimes translated as "isn't it?"), any more than 'eh' does in Canadian English. As a particle it fulfills a similar place in the language, acting as a "softener" or lubricant to conversation, a way to both indicate and query a common agreement or understanding of what's being said.

Ne doesn't suggest a question per se (that would be 'ka' ("か") in Japanese), it politely suggests that the speaker and listener are in agreement. But ne can also be used as a greeting, as "um", abused as valley girls say "like"; with a change of tone of voice it can mean "really?!" or "excuse me". It's a very flexible word.

Ne Wiki Plugins#

  • AggregatePlugin*† : generates "aggregates" of selected pages
  • AliasPlugin† : provides an improved page alias feature
  • CssPlugin* : permits insertion of an HTML <style> element in the middle of a wiki page
  • ComposePlugin* : composes a single document by following NextPlugin links (still under development)
  • DatePickerPlugin : that uses an HTML form and the JQuery UI DatePicker to set a date as a page attribute using the WikiWebService (still under development)
  • Event Plugins:
    • EventPlugin : indicates an event and provides a means of expressing either an instant in time or a range
    • HasEventPlugin : performs a query of the wiki's (plugin) events and displays the results
  • FormPlugin* : provides a configurable online form that stores the results in page attributes using the WikiWebService (still under development)
  • GroovyPlugin* : with the ability to restrict access we're able to bring back an updated Groovy plugin
  • HelloWorldPlugin : provides a core set of features (such as parameter handling and authentication checking) as a demo and beginning point for plugin development
  • IffPlugin : extends the JSPWiki IfPlugin to include support for page attributes and an 'ELSE' alternative text if the test fails
  • IfInsertPagePlugin : uses the IfPlugin to conditionally insert a page
  • ImageCatalogPlugin : renders all image attachments (untested)
  • ListAttributesPlugin* : lists the attributes of a WikiPage (likely to be replaced by PageAttributesPlugin)
  • ListUsersPlugin* : lists the users currently online
  • MostPopularPlugin : provides a list of the most popular pages (ranked by hit count) on the wiki
  • NextPlugin : creates a 'next page' link, with a selectable icon
  • NotesPlugin : wraps the plugin's content in a <div> element with a "banner_note" class attribute
  • NoticePlugin : queries a web service and returns some simple HTML as an indication of the result (still under development)
  • OpenWikiPlugin : provides a visual indication of the setting of the "Open Wiki" configuration flag
  • PageAttributesPlugin* : lists the attributes set for the current page
  • PageViewCountPlugin : counts the number of times the current page has been shown
  • PreviousPlugin : creates a 'previous page' link, with a selectable icon
  • PrintACLPlugin* : pretty-prints the Access Control List (ACL) of the current page
  • QueryPlugin† : treats the pages and references between them like a database, permitting page queries using logical operators like AND and OR
  • RandomPagesPlugin : provides a randomly-updated, randomly-sized list of randomly-selected wiki pages
  • RedirectPlugin† : returns a fragment of Javascript into the page to do an automatic redirection and a link that can be manually clicked on if Javascript is not enabled
  • ReindexPlugin* : manually forces a reindexing of either a single page or the entire wiki
  • RestrictedHelloWorldPlugin* : a version of the HelloWorldPlugin that extends RestrictedWikiPlugin so that its use can be restricted, as a starting point for plugin development
  • Tag Plugins
    • TagPlugin : adds tags to a wiki page
    • HasTagOfPlugin : returns a query on the list of pages having a given tag
    • TagsPlugin : queries the TagManager for the list of tags for a given wiki page
    • TagCloudPlugin : displays a "tag cloud" for the wiki
  • TimelyGreetingPlugin : returns a timely greeting based on either server time or a provided timezone
  • TooltipPlugin : provides a tooltip for a span of text when the user hovers over it
  • TranscludePlugin*† : permits the transclusions of content from other pages based on a query
  • ValidatePlugin* : provides XHTML validation for the contents of a wiki page (still under development)
  • WikiExtensionPlugin : used to trigger instantiation of implementations of the WikiExtension interface upon startup that have been included in the wiki's configuration file (still under development)
"" : several of the older plugins are authored or co-authored by John Volkar. They are marked in the list with a "†"
"*" : extends the RestrictedWikiPlugin abstract class. Plugins that extend this class can have their usage restricted according to settings in the JSPWiki configuration file

See also: Banner Styles

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