This plugin was distributed previously as part of the McKessonApsWikiPlugins package, now as part of the NeWikiPlugins. This documentation is updated for the new version as appropriate.

The AggregatePlugin is a NeWikiPlugin that combines the QueryPlugin and InsertPagePlugin plugin to generate "aggregates" of the selected pages. This could be used to auto-generate glossaries, dictionaries, and summaries of all sorts.

Look at ContributedPlugins page, see how the list of plugins and the descriptions are manually maintained? That could be generated automatically.


  • maxpages= Optional Limit the number of pages that emitted in the aggregated output.
  • backto= Optional If non-blank, after each aggregated item a 'Back' link will be emitted. Leverages the fact that !headings generate named anchors on pages.
  • order= Optional, One of alpha, reverseAlpha, ascendingModification, decendingModification The aggregated pages are by default sorted in alphabetical order.
  • index= Optional An index of the aggregated pages can be optionally generated. One of 'none', 'list', or 'delim'. Default is 'none'. 'list' generates a simple vertical list, 'delim' generates a comma delimited index.
  • separator= Optional Should a <HR /> separator be generated after each aggregated page. true | false, default is false.
  • pages= Optional, Passed to a QueryPlugin instance, default query used is 'TO [~CurrentPage]'.
  • section= Optional Passed to a InsertPage instance, what section of the page should be aggregated.
  • maxlen= Optional Passed to a InsertPage instance, limits the lenght of the inserted data.
  • bodyclass= Optional, Passed to a InsertPage instance as it's class= parameter. Defaults to aggregatedPageBody.

Psuedo output#


CSS styles#

  • aggregationIndex Surrounds the optionally generated index.
  • aggregation Surrounds all of the aggregated pages.
  • aggregatedPage
  • aggregatedPageName Surrounds each page's title
  • aggregatedPageBody Surrounds the insertion of page data.
  • aggregatedBackTo Surrounds the back to link that follows each pages body.
  • aggregatedSeparator Surrounds the separator that

Example usages...#

Most simply:
The following pages link to this one.  

Most complex:

The bogus systems open bugs are summarized here for your reading pleasure.
!Open Bug List Summary
[{Aggregate pages='TO [Bugs] AND NOT [Closed]' maxpages=100 backto='Open Bug List Summary'
order='decendingModified' index='true' separator='true' section=1}]