WikiPage Providers#

JSPWiki stores 'Wiki Pages' on disc in the folder specified in the configuration.

The pages are stored with ".txt" appended to the page name (e.g. Main -> Main.txt on disk).

JSPWiki can be setup with different 'File Providers,' which gives users different options on how to store the files, such as being able to store old versions of pages.

There are two 'Core File Providers' that come with JSPWiki:

For other 'File Providers,' see Contributed Providers.

See also HowToEnableVersions


Attachments are stored in folders that are in the directory where all the 'Wiki Pages' are located.

The folder's name contains the page's name that the file was attached to along with "-att" (e.g. if the file was attached to Main -> Main-att would be the name of the folder).