If you have written a nice PageProvider for JSPWiki, please make a page for it, and link to it from this page. See HowToWriteAPageProvider for writing a PageProvider.

Warning - when loading any contributed (non-CVS) code, be very aware that you are loading from an untrusted source. Check the code before using it.

With the move of JSPWiki v2.9.x to Apache, also the JSPWiki page provider api changed. This means the contributed page providers prior to v2.9.x. are not compatible with the Apache release of JSPWiki.

For other kinds of contributions, please check Getting Involved.

Contributed Page providers prior to v2.9.x#

An (old) list of contributed page providers is listed at http://www.ecyrd.com/JSPWiki/wiki/ContributedProviders.

Contributed Page providers v2.9.x and later#

Here is a list of contributed page providers, sorted by name:

  • JDBCProvider: A beta release of an update to the JDBCProvider that was available in older versions of JSPWiki is now available at https://github.com/djemerson01/jspwiki-jdbcprovider/releases/tag/v2.10.1-Beta.1. It supplies providers for page and attachment content backed by a SQL database. Support that was previously included for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, JNDI data sources is available but currently untested (except for MySQL). Use of DBCP and C3PO connection pools are also available along with driver-specific connection properties.
  • RCS File provider: was deprecated on 2.9, removed on 2.10.0, but seems there are some people out there still using it, so most probably it makes sense to have it as a contributed module. Beware that this functionality was deprecated and removed, manteinance, support, Q&A, etc. is outside the scope of JSPWiki. Use at your own risk.