Getting Involved

JSPWiki needs your help! You don't need to be a software developer to help -- we also need people to help with documentation, coding, usability and graphic design, wiki gardening, organizing volunteers, validating and managing bugs and ideas etc. The point really is that despite your skill levels at coding or the time you can afford to put into helping us, there's always something you can do!


We need a lot of help both with user-level and developer documentation. Whilst we hardly expect non-developers to help out with the latter very much, we'd love to have some help with user-level documentation written to make life easier for everyone (i.e., your green grocer, your brother, your mother and her little dog).

Development / Coding#

Please take a look at the JSPWiki feature roadmap to see what is needed/wanted for different upcoming releases!

Github allows, from some months back, to add topics (like in tags, or labels) to your repos, so they can become more easily discoverable.

So if you're hosting a plugin, filter or whatever other extension on your github repo, please consider adding a jspwiki topic to it :-)

Usability / Graphic Design#


Helping Other JSPWiki Users#

Organizing Volunteers#

It's a natural consequence of growth that once a team reaches a certain size the need for organization and management tends to surface.

There is no marketing department, nor even a management team here. We're so busy developing that we don't really even have the time to help organize those people who are interested in helping. If you have a natural talent in working with people and like to organize people and documentation then your help would be kindly welcomed.