To add a local icon, and display it in any page :

  1. upload it here
  2. insert a link - [Pic/new.png] - in your page where you want to use the image.

iconlink texticonlink text
down green arrow [Pic/downGreenArrow.png] note [notePic/note.png]
info(info) [Pic/i.gif]info [Pic/INFO.jpg]
new.. [Pic/new.png]update [Pic/update.png]
pdf [Pic/pdf.png]xml [Pic/xml.png]
rss.. [Pic/rss.png]rdf.. [Pic/rdf.png]
java.. [Pic/java.png]dev [Pic/dev.png]
win [Pic/win.png]mac [Pic/mac.png]
personal [Pic/personal.png]phone [Pic/phone.png]
perl [Pic/perl.png]linux [Pic/linux.png]
books [Pic/books.png]news.. [Pic/news.png]
music [Pic/music.png]movies [Pic/movies.png]
tech [Pic/tech.png]net [Pic/net.png]
grouchy [Pic/grouchy.png]smile [Pic/smile.png]
blueDot [Pic/blueDot.png]computer [Pic/computer.png]
mail [Pic/mail.png]people [Pic/people.png]
cb_on [Pic/cb_on.png]cb_off [Pic/cb_off.png]
paperclip_sm [Pic/paperclip_sm.png]paperclip_xsm [Pic/paperclip_xsm.png]