Checks for all permissions and includes the body if the user has the correct permissions for the given operation.

This operation is still very basic, but will be expanded in the future.

Available permissions are:

  • edit: If the user may edit the current page. If the current page is not editable for some reason (for instance, it is an older version, the user is not considered to have edit permission.
  • login: If a (presumably non-authenticated) user has permission to attempt to log-in.

Since v2.3 : Tells whether the user in the current wiki context possesses a particular permission. The permission can be:

  • a PagePermission : "edit", "view", "delete", "comment", "upload"
  • a GroupPermission : "viewGroup", "editGroup", "deleteGroup"
  • a wiki-wide WikiPermission : "createGroups", "createPages", "editPreferences", "editProfile", "login"
  • the administrator permission ("allPermission")

Since v2.6, it is possible to list several permissions or use negative permissions. (see examples below)


<wiki:Permission permission="<permission>">
    HTML or JSP code


The permission to request for. See above for possible values.


<wiki:Permission permission="edit">
    <wiki:EditLink>Edit this page</wiki:EditLink>

Displays the "Edit this page"-link only if the user has permission to edit the page.

<wiki:Permission permission="edit|rename|view">
    You have edit, rename, or  view permissions!
<wiki:Permission permission="!upload">
    You do not have permission to upload!