This page documents various publicity-related activities for JSPWiki.

Social networks and blogging#

JSPWiki - official blog
JSPWiki - social networks
JSPWiki - guidelines for blogging and social networks

Other (to sort)#

JSPWiki - establishing Wikipedia notability
JSPWiki - who is JSPWiki for?
JSPWiki publicity - email discussion thread
JSPWiki - product comparison and wishlist
JSPWiki - brand and logo refresh


To sort.
  • Documenting JSPWiki's clear strengths, use cases, target audience(s).
  • As per JSPWIKI-1030, create a series of easy reference screenshots highlighting the UI/UX.
  • Friendly user community.
  • Improving the appearance of the JSPWikiSites page to be more visually attractive, perhaps with thumbnail icons – something other than a long listing of text.
  • What are our specific advantages compared to alternate wiki engines?
  • Increasing our release cadence such that fixes are more visible. Witness Mozilla Thunderbird's resurgence from being perceived as moribund.
  • Marketing aside, where does JSPWiki come up short compared to alternate wiki engines?
  • Blog content: A tip or feature of the week (especially for Haddock) is an easy way to generate content. Maybe a feature on more obscure JSPWiki features, like categories, little-known plugins, JSPWiki variables? (Underway as of 2016-08-04)
  • Blog content posted first and foremost on the actual blog, with links then published to our presence on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Reach out (somehow) to folks running old JSPWiki installations – how can we persuade them to a) upgrade and b) switch to Haddock? Sites running the legacy skins may work against us in marketing a modern wiki with a fresh look and feel.
  • A logo/brand refresh? Ideally we have a designer work on this, perhaps via a community contribution. Cover photos for social networks (Mozilla Thunderbird has solicited design contributions for its social networks cover photos, for example), maybe even a new logo for JSPWiki itself (there are some historical emails on this from a few years back – locate and revisit).
  • Focusing our marketing message on attracting businesses and organisations (not exclusively, mind) might help with raising our notability (e.g. for re-establishing a Wikipedia presence, industry articles.)