The IndexPlugin is a JSPWikiPlugin that displays all of the pages in this Wiki in alphabetical order. The IndexPlugin was contributed by Alain Ravet.


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See PageIndex.

Optional Parameters#

The plugin includes an optional:

  • exclude parameter, it is used in the example pages. This does not support multiple alternative matches.
  • include parameter. Similar to the exclude parameter above, I have notice there is also a include parameter. It works by including only pages that are in the include parameter. I have only used double quotes, and a single expression.

The IndexPlugin uses GLOB patterns which do not support multiple alternative matches. A summary of the supported syntax is here

Regular Expressions#

Wikipedia provides good documentation of regular expressions. The simplest ones are:

Regular ExpressionDescription
.Any character
*0 or more repetition of the previous specification
.*a sequence of 0 or more characters
[0-9]characters 0 thru 9
[a-z0-9BCD]characters a-z, 0-9 and BCD
^Beginning marker (not needed because "exclude" specification assumes it by default)
$End marker (not needed because "exclude" specification assumes it by default)

For example, the regular expression "^Ab.*cd\.ef$" means:

^Starts with
Abthe character "Ab"
.*is followed by as many characters necessary (including none)
cduntil we also have the "cd" characters
\.and the actual "dot" character
efand the "ef" characters
$considering the above; terminating in "cd.ef"

This should cover most simple cases.

See: JSPWikiCorePlugins