Hi, I'm Ichiro Furusato. I'm part of the Neocortext.net team (who do a fair bit of JSPWiki-related work, including JSPWiki's WikiEventManager code) and can be reached via email at   ichiro dot furusato at gmail dot com.

CleanBlue skin#

I'm author of the CleanBlue JSPWiki skin. If it's installed on your wiki users can select it via MyPrefs. It can be set as the default for all users by setting

jspwiki.defaultprefs.template.skinname = CleanBlue
in jspwiki-custom.properties, which is either in $WIKI_HOME/WEB-INF/classes/ or on the server classpath, for example ($TOMCAT_HOME/lib)

Note that the following content will be moved to a separate page in the future.

Neocortext Wiki Plugins#

I'm also the maintainer of the Neocortext Wiki Plugins, which are a legacy of the circa-2000 Ceryle Wiki Plugins originally written by Murray Altheim and John Volkar.

The NeocortextPlugin suite will be posted here when available publicly, and may include the plugins listed below. If a plugin is provided with a simplifying alias it is listed in parentheses.

General #

CommandPlugin (Command)
Plugin to support a wiki command line.
A simple plugin used as the basis for learning how to develop JSPWiki plugins.
Conditionally inserts a page.
Inserts a page. Similar to the JSPWiki InsertPagePlugin plugin, but insists that a 'class' parameter be used so that inserted content can be appropriately styled. Superceded in practice by the TranscludePlugin.
Lists any attributes of the current page.
Creates a stylised 'next page' link. Requires the CleanBlue skin for its image.
Creates a stylised 'previous page' link. Requires the CleanBlue skin for its image.
QueryPlugin (Query)
Treats the pages and references between them like a database. You can query the pages using a simple syntax (AND, OR, NOT, ...).
RandomPagesPlugin (RandomPages)
Provides a list of random wiki page links.
ReindexPlugin (Reindex)
Reindexes the wiki.
TranscludePlugin (Transclude)
Transcludes the contents of another wiki page.


The Neocortext Tag plugins include:

HasTagOfPlugin (HasTagOf)
Queries the tags of a page using a simple logical query.
TagPlugin (Tag)
Sets the tags of a page.
TagCloudPlugin (TagCloud)
Displays a tag cloud. Requires an appropriate CSS stylesheet.
TagsPlugin (Tags)
Lists the tags of a wiki page.


The Neocortext Groovy plugin includes:

GroovyPlugin (Groovy)
provides an interpreter for Groovy. Disabled by default due to security issues on public wikis.