Allows you to determine which JSP page originally got the request. It is very useful to know this when you are including specific information on a page.

Available contexts are:

  • "view" - Wiki.jsp
  • "edit" - Edit.jsp
  • "diff" - Diff.jsp
  • "info" - PageInfo.jsp
  • "preview" - Preview.jsp
  • "conflict" - PageModified.jsp
  • "upload" - Upload.jsp
  • "error" - Error.jsp
  • "find" - Search.jsp
  • "prefs" - UserPreferences.jsp


Context to check. If the context matches, includes the body.


<wiki:CheckRequestContext context="view|info|diff">
   HTML or JSP

Note: starting with JSPWiki v2.3.24, several context parameters can be checked, i.e. in the example above the tag body is exectuted if any of view or info or diff is the current context. Furthermore, the tag now also supports negation with !, i.e. <wiki:CheckRequestContext context='!view'> evaluates the body in every context except "view".

For JSPWiki before v2.3: Only a single context parameter may be checked at a time, and no negation is available.

See: JSPWikiTags