Iterates through the attachments of the current page.

The variable that is created is an instance of the Attachment class, which has the following methods:

String getName()
Returns the fully-fledged WikiName of the attachment.
String getFileName()
Returns the filename.
long getSize()
Size of the attachment in bytes.
String getParentName()
WikiName of the parent page.
String getAuthor()
Name of the last author.
int getVersion()
Current version.
Date getLastModified()
Date of the latest modification.

The current page always becomes the attachment referred to by the variable.


<wiki:AttachmentsIterator id="<variable name>">
JSP code


Name of the iterator variable to create.


         <table width="90%">
         <wiki:AttachmentsIterator id="att">

Lists the attachments. Note how the LinkToTag refers to the currently iterated attachment, so that if you have two attachments (Foobar1 & Foobar2), the list might show up something like this:

   <tr><td><a href="attach?page=Foobar1">Foobar1</a></td></tr>
   <tr><td><a href="attach?page=Foobar2">Foobar2</a></td></tr>

See: JSPWikiTags