The Ne Wiki Plugins are a set of JSPWiki plugins by Murray Altheim, some new, some reformations of earlier plugins, such as the Ceryle Wiki Plugins or Neocortext Plugins written in the early 2000s. Some of the newer plugins are part of a larger project named 'Ne' (defined below).

This project aims to bring these plugins out of the wilderness and into the package where they belong.

Usage of plugins having a security or performance risk can be restricted via RestrictedWikiPlugin.

Meaning of 'ne'#

Ne is an extremely common word in Japanese conversation and doesn't have a strict definition (though it's sometimes translated as "isn't it?"), any more than 'eh' does in Canadian English. As a particle it fulfills a similar place in the language, acting as a "softener" or lubricant to conversation, a way to both indicate and query a common agreement or understanding of what's being said.

Ne doesn't suggest a question per se (that would be 'ka' ("か") in Japanese), it politely suggests that the speaker and listener are in agreement. But ne can also be used as a greeting, as "um", abused as valley girls say "like"; with a change of tone of voice it can mean "really?!" or "excuse me". It's a very flexible word.

Ne Wiki Plugins#

"" : several of the older plugins are authored or co-authored by John Volkar. They are marked in the list with a "†"
"*" : extends the RestrictedWikiPlugin abstract class. Plugins that extend this class can have their usage restricted according to settings in the JSPWiki configuration file

See also: Banner Styles

Existing plugins:

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