The WikiWebService is related to the NeWikiPlugins, extending as a lightweight JAX-RS RESTful web service ("microservice") for Apache JSPWiki.

This was originally developed as (and remains compatible with) a Spring Boot application but operates as a pure JAX-RS (Jersey implementation) application.

The basic idea of the WikiWebService is to enable WikiPlugins to deliver an AJAX-based form that can POST a message to a JAX-RS endpoint containing two bits of authentication information: a key identifier and JJWT token, which are then forwarded to the web service, which subsequently executes some kind of function.

If the corresponding POST arrives from the client within the time span containing both the original key and token sent from the client, the contents of the decrypted JWT claims (a Map) are forwarded to the plugin's ExecutableWikiPlugin#execute(WikiEngine, WikiPage, Map) method.

See: DatePickerPlugin, FormPlugin (both use the service)