The ReferringPagesPlugin is a JSPWikiPlugin that finds and lists all pages that refer to the current page. This is the twin sister of the ReferredPagesPlugin.

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Parameters #

This plugin extends AbstractReferralPlugin and therefore inherits its parameters.



See LeftMenuFooter.

Display options#

You can use the "separator" parameter to define any WikiMarkup you want to insert between the items. By default, it's \\.

For example, if you want a numbered list, use the following syntax:

[{ReferringPagesPlugin WHERE max='10' maxwidth='250' before='#' after='\n'}]
  1. AbstractReferralPlugin
  2. JSPWikiCorePlugins
  3. JavaRegularExpressions
  4. QueryPlugin
  5. ReferredPagesPlugin
  6. WikiCategory

See: JSPWikiCorePlugin