Counter is a JSPWikiPluginBcc195432.431-43331.431.4ec88.19809.2Bxss.meEsiInclude src=HttpBxss.meRpb.png which acts as a simple counter that starts counting at 1 at the top of the page, and each time it is invoked, will increase its value. These counters are transient, and relevant to the current page view only — i.e. two persons viewing the same page at the same time get their own counters.

The current counter value is accessible also as a WikiVariable. The name of the variable is "counter", or "counter-<name>", if you have defined a counter name.



Source code Result on page Comments
[{Counter}], [{Counter}], [{Counter}], [{Counter name='aa'}] 1, 2, 3, 1 The value of "counter" at the end is 3 and the value of "counter-aa" is 1.
[{$counter}], [{$counter-aa}] 3, 1access the counter value via the variable name (without increasing it)
.[{Counter showResult=false}]. [{Counter}]. ..5. the first result(4) is not visible, the second is visible, the dots are placed here to make this visible
[{Counter start=15}] [{Counter}] 15 16 set the offset to 15 and start counting
[{Counter }] [{Counter increment=10}] 17 27 the second invocation increases the counter with the specified value of 10

See: JSPWikiCorePlugins