Theme pages#

The Haddock Template doesn't support skins. Instead it introduces the notion of Themes.

Themes change the look & feel of the template by means of %%add-css styles. A theme can add or overwrite any style of the Haddock Template.

How to use Haddock Themes ?#

Add this markup to your LeftMenu to make it the default theme on your site:

%%add-css [<your theme page>] /%

Or add it to your personal [<username>Favorites] page, to use this theme as soon as you are authenticated.
For this to work, make sure your LeftMenu contains following markup:

[{If page='{$username}Favorites' exists='true'

[{InsertPage page='{$username}Favorites' }]

Available Themes#

The following pages belong to the Category.Themes category (or link to it for some strange reason) :

Clean Blue Theme
Dark Theme
Haddock Template

WikiCategory Category.Add CSS Style